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Philosophy/Mission Statement

Recruitment is a serious, highly sensitive undertaking. It is not an advertising function. Its results can quite literally change the course of companies, the flow of careers, the lives of candidates, their families and friends.

A company cannot afford the wrong recruiter nor can it pay the right one enough. Recruitment is not a game to be played by amateurs or the insincere. The ends DO NOT justify the means. A search must be conducted with discretion, diplomacy, patience, empathy and intelligence. The company and recruiter must communicate accurately and promptly. The objective is for everyone to gain from the experience of having worked together.

The Search

  • The development of exacting specifications through interviews with all key hiring authorities.
  • A formal job description presented the company, each person involved adds comments.
  • Modifications are made to the final specifications.
  • Final specifications are "signed off."
  • Pre-interview script is developed.
  • Research, sourcing, network and databases phases are engaged.
Search Options for Company Partners
Contingency Search
Sales Associates does not require a retainer to undertake a contingency search, however, a placement fee is due from your company in the event a candidate referred by Sales Associates is hired by your company or any of its affiliates for any position. Please call Patrick Schuette to inquire as to fees and the standard Sales Associates fee schedule for contingency search.

Retained Search
The total fee is calculated in advance of the search. The degree of difficulty, the size of the target market, the desirability of the position, the geographics etc. will all factor into the determination of the fee. 30% of the total fee is paid in advance as a retainer and is non-refundable, 30 % is paid upon a candidate's acceptance of the position, and the remaining 40% of the fee is paid 60 calendar days from the start date. Sales Associates maintains total management and complete exclusivity of the search. Advantages of retained search include a greater focus on the development of exact specifications of the position through in-depth interviews with all key hiring authorities, the development of a formal job description which is presented to your company for full approval, and the utilization of full recruitment resources including complete market research, recruitment, network referrals, and data base searches.

Contained Search
A total fee is agreed upon. A small portion of the total fee is deposited to Sales Associates in advance of the search. Sales Associates will agree to provide a minimum of three candidates suitable to the agreed upon hiring criteria. If Sales Associates is not able to provide three suitable candidates within ninety calendar days of the onset of the search, the deposit will be fully refunded. If your company hires another individual through a source other than Sales Associates, the deposit will be rolled into a future search. If a candidate, referred by Sales Associates, is hired by your company or any of its affiliates, the remainder of the total fee will be paid to Sales Associates of America. The major advantage of contained search is the greater focus on specific candidate results.

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